July 2017 Updates

Welcome to the all-new Azurelist, the fanlisting collective for the Seventh Star Network. As I migrate (slowly) from Enthusiast to WordPress, there may be a few hiccups along the way. I apologize in advance and kindly ask you to let me know if you have any issues getting to or around any of the fanlistings that are part of this collective!

Migration Progress

As of July 2017, the following fanlistings have been successfully migrated from Enthusiast to WordPress:

  • Ace of Hearts (Relationship: Aino Minako x Saijou Ace (Kaitou Ace) from Codename: Sailor V by Naoko Takeuchi [manga])
  • Blue Eyes and Apricots (Relationship: Kaiba Seto x Mazaki Anzu (Téa Gardner) from Yu-Gi-Oh! by Kazuki Takahashi [anime and manga])
  • Kimi no Soba (Series: Chou yo, Hana yo (Butterflies, Flowers) by Yuki Yoshihara [manga])
  • Mechanical Innocence (Character: Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex [anime])

That leaves the following fanlistings still running on Enthusiast, and are due for migration, hopefully before the end of this summer:

When these fanlistings are migrated, expect to see an announcement on this page as well as the main Seventh Star Network updates page.

Once the migration is complete, the Affiliates and Joined pages here will also change to reflect the new URL https://azurelist.seventh-star.net. As of right now, the Joined page is an exact clone of the one from the former Azurelist site, including image URLs using the old site’s media folder/organizational structure. It doesn’t make it easy to add new joined, owned, or affiliated sites, which is something I can hopefully remedy soon!

Questions or comments? Please let me know by commenting on this post!

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