Below are links to all of the fanlistings that I (Azurite) have joined.

Please note: If a link pops up in a lightbox (instead of going to another website), please comment to let me know! I’ve recently gone through all my Joined fanlistings to update links, re-join fanlistings that changed owners (where the member list didn’t come with the adoption), and choose better-sized codes. I’ve removed any fanlistings that don’t appear to exist anymore, so let me know if a link doesn’t work!

Fanlistings appear in alphabetical order by fandom or author/actor/artist surname. For example:

Arrow: Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak (Relationships: TV)
Cabot, Meg: The Princess Diaries series (Literature)

If something’s out of the expected order (or you’re a fanlisting owner checking to see if I’ve linked properly and can’t find your expected link back), please let me know in the comments!

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