Azurelist is the Seventh Star Network’s listing of fanlistings, whether they’re owned by myself (Azurite) or others here on the Seventh-Star network, affiliates of ours on other domains, or are simply fanlistings for subjects that we here at SSNet enjoy.

Where to go?

If you’d like to check out the sites that Seventh-Star.Net is affiliated with, go to Affiliates. If you’d like to see the fanlistings hosted by Seventh-Star.Net, click on Owned. Finally, if you want to see those fanlistings which Seventh-Star.Net considers itself a member of, click Joined.

Seventh-Star.Net is owned and maintained by Azurite, and as a result, she is the member that has joined many of the fanlistings in the “Joined” section. She is also the primary webmaster behind this and many of the other Seventh-Star.Net websites. If you have any questions or comments, please contact her.